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    A security shallow Mount Wedge Barrier is designed specifically for the entrance points of buildings and compounds that are security sensitive. This security Shallow Mount Wedge Barrier offers high anti-ram protection, and is the first choice of premises like banks

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    The Removable bollard is a custom-made, modular product. USA-Bollards have a few ready-made designs that can be altered to the client’s discretion. If you have a piece of your property you wish to permanently section off, USA-Bollards offers Removable bollards

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    High Security Arm Barrier – EL-08-1. The massive high security arm barrier EL-08-1 is designed and built in accordance to K4 protection level. Although designed to operate as a heavy-duty operation, it looks elegant and trendy, making it suitable

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    Security Shallow Mount Bollard A shallow mount bollards system is the best solution when perimeter Anti-Crash protection is required in areas where deep excavation is not possible. USA-Bollards offers K12, K8 and K4 rated shallow mount bollards system engineered with USA-Bollards BLG-05, BLG-04 and BLG-02 crash certified bollards.

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    USA-Bollards has come up with a solution to meet the growing need for security turnstiles, Creating a safe passage for pedestrians. USA-Bollards offers two types of Turnstiles for different levels of security needs.

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    Crash Certified Security Bollards. USA-Bollards Offers a Complete Range of security bollards To Match Client’s Security Concerns Recognized as a reliable provider of security solutions around the world, USA-Bollards made quite a name for themselves in supplying high-end security

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    Automatic Retractable Bollards; Semi-Automatic Bollard; Removable Bollards; Fixed Bollards. Permanent Bollards; Shallow Mounted Bollards; Fold Down Bollards; Wedge Barriers. Security Wedge Barrier; Surface Mount Damper; Arm Barriers. High Security Arm Barrier; Concrete Arm Barriers; Electric Arm Barriers; Pneumatic Arm Barriers; Turnstiles...

  • Physical Security | Tusco, Inc.

    Wedge barriers are often installed along-side other high security products such as bollards, security gates, guard booths, and drop arms to provide one of the world’s most formidable vehicular protection systems.

  • Bollards | B&B Roadway and Security Solutions

    Bollards Provide Protection and Versatility. Defining lines of delineation between restricted and unrestricted areas can be as simple as installing a line of bollards. Bollards are visible barriers made of steel-pipe posts from structural grade steel and concrete

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    Call Us! +1-646-513-4136 | [email protected] Home; 3DUVIS; Bollards. Retractable Bollards. Automatic Retractable Bollards; Semi-Automatic Bollard

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    Wedge barriers have the option of installing as a single unit or in combination with other physical security products e.g., barriers, gates, or bollards. Recent technological advancements have allowed for a reduction in installation depth and foundation footprint

  • Products Gibraltar Perimeter Security

    The patented G-2000 Wedge Barrier is the do it all wedge barrier. This unit can be operated in both electro-mechanical and hydraulic configurations. The unit has been crash test certified to ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1 at both 8 ft. 2440mm blocking width

  • Bollards Perimeter Security Partners

    Perimeter Security Partners offers a flexible line of bollards suitable for many site conditions. Bollards are a great way to prevent vehicular access without impeding pedestrian traffic. We offer fixed, removeable, and manual assist bollards with some having the option of shallow-mount foundations depending on your site’s unique needs. Our crash rated bollards are rated [ ]

  • AMIGUARD® 9000 Series Bollards Amico Security

    AMIGUARD® 9000 Series Active Barriers. Active Barriers whenever reliable vehicular access is required. Factors to consider are cycle times, mode of operation electric or hydraulic, and the number of vehicles entering/exiting per day. Active Barriers range from bollards to wedge barriers

  • Fixed Bollards Ameristar Security Products

    Fixed Bollards. Ameristar's line of fixed and removable security bollards are available in a variety of styles and crash ratings to fit your project's needs.

  • Retractable Bollards Ameristar Security Products

    Retractable Bollards. Ameristar's line of manual and automatic retractable security bollards are available in a variety of styles and crash ratings to fit your project's needs.

  • Recent Projects | Tusco, Inc.

    Tusco, Inc. is one of the leading Suppliers of Vehicular Wedge Barriers, Crash Rated and Non-Rated Bollards, Beam Barricades, Ornamental Cable Fencing, Prefabricated Guard Booths, Protection Gates, Commercial Fencing, Automated Access Controls Systems and Portable Vehicle Barriers with Certified Installers, Contractors & Technicians.

  • Anti-Ram and Passive Bollards | G-1000 Series Bollards

    Yet, G-1000 Series bollards are a cost-effective solution for anti-vehicle security needs. Additionally, bollards are available in multiple mount options, including removable mounts as well as standard depth, shallow mount, and ultra-shallow mount options as low as

  • Bollards | Gibraltar Perimeter Security

    Gibraltar Is the Global Leader For Ultra-Shallow Security Bollards. Gibraltar’s G-1400 Series bollards have been crash-tested and certified to ASTM F2656-15 M40 P1 test specifications as a single bollard. For these purposes, our G-1441 bollards can halt a

  • Resistance Barriers | B&B Roadway and Security

    Resistance Barriers B&B Roadway resistance barriers are designed for penetration resistance on movable bridges. Models for moving vertically or horizontally are available to accommodate project specific requirements.

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