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    Like centerline rumble strips and shoulder rumble strips, they alert inattentive and drowsy drivers to help prevent injury crashes. The Federal Highway Administration FHWA report rumble strips reduce rural two-lane road crashes by up to 45%. Our temporary rumble

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    RoadQuake® 2F Temporary Portable Rumble Strip Designed to reduce accidents and save lives, RoadQuake® 2F Temporary Portable Rumble Strip TPRS alerts distracted drivers in work zones and other changing road conditions. Ideal for work zones where

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    Designed to reduce accidents and save lives, RoadQuake® 2F Temporary Portable Rumble Strip TPRS alerts distracted drivers in work zones and other changing road conditions. Ideal for work zones where daily installation and removal is required. Features and Benefits: Temporary No nails or glue are needed for installation and use

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    Alerts drivers to temporary work zones, flagger operations and safety check points. In work zone accidents, more drivers are injured or killed than construction workers. The TrafFix Alert Rumble Strip is designed alert drivers to changing road conditions. It can

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    The Traffic Operations Division has developed the Work Zone Temporary Rumble Strip standard sheet, WZ RS -12, for use on temporary lane closures to enhance safety. Temporary rumble strips are to be used on: One-lane, two-way flagging operations

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    Strips. Rumble strips are grooves or rows of indents in the pavement designed to alert inattentive drivers through noise and vibration and reduce the number of accidents. Stripes. Rumble stripes are simply rumble strips cut into the pavement where the

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    Rumble Strips: Rumble strips are raised or grooved patterns on the roadway or shoulder that provide audible and vibratory warnings to drivers that their vehicles are leaving the driving lane or are approaching an unusual or unexpected traffic or road condition.

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    TEMPORARY RUMBLE STRIPS IN WORK ZONES ADVANTAGES Permanent rumble strips are recessed below thepavement by milling or rolling, while temporary rumble strips consist of a raised surface that is placed on, or temporarily adhered to, the pavement. As a result, temporary rumble strips are much easier to install

  • Rumble Stripes: Opportunity to Improve Safety

    RUMBLE STRIPES. SAFETY BENEFITS. Longitudinal Rumble Stripson 2‐Lane Roads. • Center line rumble strips on two‐lane roads. – Provide a 45% reduction of head on / fatal and. injury crashes. • Edgeline rumble strips on two‐lane roads. – Provide a 35% Reduction of target crashes. • Alerting distracted, drowsy drivers.

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    Rumble strip is made of recycled rubber for maximum durability and adherence to the roadway in all weather conditions. Each strip is 46.5" long × 12" wide × 1" height. Three strips will accommodate a 12' wide lane. Bidirectional ramp eliminates orientation of the strip to the roadway.

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    The temporary rumble strip can reduce all three occurrences. Our presentation will show and discuss: design criteria of the temporary portable rumble strip; how the device alerts drivers; work zone applications in which to install temporary rumble strips; specifications from governing agencies.

  • Rumble Stripes: The Sound of Safety North Dakota

    Rumble Stripes: The Sound of Safety. The North Dakota Department of Transportation NDDOT is currently implementing a Centerline and Edgeline Rumble Stripe Program across North Dakota. The stripes have been installed on many of our two lane highways as a safety measure to help prevent traffic fatalities and injuries from motor vehicle crashes.

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    Rumble strips take a number of different forms, and can be produced by cutting grooves within the pavement surface, or by adding plastic bumps or ribs to the road. Transverse rumble strips also referred to as bar markings are placed across the traffic lane to alert motorists to hazards ahead (such as bends, intersections or areas of...

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    Recommended for roadways with posted speed limits of 70mph or less. Suitable for use with temporary traffic lights. Specifications. 300mm wide & 20mm thick. Each strip generates equal, or higher, levels of sound and vibration as milled/ glued down strips. 3.3 meters long & 300mm wide. Each rumble


    What are Temporary Rumble Strips? 5 Creates similar effect as standard edge/center line rumble stripes –Driver will feel & hear the bumps Portable no glue or nails Placed in accordance with TxDOT standard WZ RS -13 Currently only approved strip is RoadQuake 2 by Plastic Safety

  • Rumble Stripes: Opportunity to Improve Safety

    Longitudinal Rumble Strips and Stripes on 2... Install Temporary... Rumble Stripes: Opportunity to Improve Safety and Retroreflectivity Author: Thomas M. Brennan Jr., Alan Plunkett, and William Smith Created Date: 3/22/2013 2:34:58 PM...

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    Temporary: No fixing, no drilling, no mess and no fuss Portable: At 3 meters long and weighing 50kg, 2 people may install and remove a set of RoadQuake ramps in minutes Durable: An all-weather traffic safety device that alerts drivers to reduce their speed in highway and road construction zones Audible: At 30 cm wide and 20mm thick, RoadQuake generates a loud audible and vibratory alert

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    The Plastic Safety Rumble Strip can be installed on site quickly and easily and can be used for a multitude of purposes. They are excellent at being used as car rumble strips which alert drivers passing over them to slow down in that particular area. The highly durable polyurethane design is

  • Rumble Strip Guidelines | FHWA Transportation

    Rumble Strip Guidelines. flh-rumble-strip-guidelines.pdf. FHWA, 2015. Provides FLH guidance for when and where to install rumble strips.

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    Temporary Portable Rumble Strips – One Array Wisconsin Department of Transportation / Bureau of Traffic Operations. In 2017, to enhance the safety of highway workers and motorists, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation WisDOT implemented the use of temporary portable rumble strips TPRS on

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