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  • Water Filled Barricade Barrier | Traffic Control Rentals

    Barrier can be filled with water for a total estimated weight of 1600lbs 160lbs empty. Water filled barriers come in orange default color or white and can be interlocked to form a continuous solid wall. For an Interlocking Water Filled Barrier, provide a minimum buffer zone of 50 m whenever possible in advance

  • Trinity Highway Rentals | Water Filled Barriers

    Water Filled Barriers and Barricades available for rent nationwide. Trinity Highway Rentals offers a full line of construction site and traffic control products centered on the patented, Yodock ® 2001, 2001M, and 2001MB water filled barriers and barricades. Yodock ® water filled barricades

  • Water Filled Barricades • Rental & Management •

    One other advantage of water filled barricades is their visibility. Typically available in the can’t- miss colors orange or yellow, they easily stand out from the crowd. As with any other facet of a traffic control project, the deployment of water filled barriers

  • Barrier Wall/Water Filled | Sunbelt Rentals

    Barrier Wall/Water Filled safely protect areas and direct traffic flow. Great for construction areas, parking lots or blocking or diverting pedestrian traffic. These barriers are easy to install, versatile, and refillable. Ideal for construction areas, parking lots and pedestrian traffic

  • Barricades Equipment for Rent Herc Rentals

    Protect people and property from vehicles with Herc Rentals barricades. Our water-cable barrier is designed with water fill-holes for stability and integrated steel cables to reduce vehicle penetration on impact. With our urbanite pedestrian barrier, you can create a safe pedestrian walkway around or through a construction zone.

  • Water Filled Barrier Rentals Clean Site Services –

    Water Filled Barrier Rentals Clean Site Services – Your local event or construction site rental choice for Porta Potty Rentals, Panel Fence, Temporary Fence, Privacy Screen Fencing, VIP restroom trailers, hand washing units, temporary fencing and barricades, light towers, generators, water tanks, and shower trailers.

  • Water Filled Barriers Construction Barricades

    Water filled barriers are a great alternative to traditional barricades because they provide energy absorption for oncoming traffic in a way that provides increased safety for both drivers and workers. This practical and economical application make water filled obstacles one of the most popular options for work zone places nowadays.

  • Houston Barricade Rental Pricing & Water Barrier

    Houston Barricade Rental Pricing and Supplies For Traffic Control At Regional Traffic Services, we are one of the most well respected providers of Houston Barricade Rentals and Supply companies customers have grown to love over the years. We have a full inventory of barricades and also have water barriers and fences for rent in Houston.

  • Barricades & Signs for Rent | United Rentals

    Bicycle Rack Barricade/Barriers. Free-standing, 4 x 8 steel barricades. Flat t-stands to minimize any tripping hazard. Crowd control or use to guide pedestrian traffic. Secured with interlocking hook and sleeve. Contact your United Rentals representative today for information. This item is

  • Traffic Control, Barricade Rental and Equipment Sales

    Leading Southern California Traffic Control Company with Over 30 Years Experience Family-owned and operated, California Barricade, Inc. has been a leading Southern California provider of traffic control services, equipment sales and rentals since 1984.

  • Water Filled Barricades • Rental & Management • RCS

    The material also minimizes damage to any vehicles that might make contact. Given the advantages of this protective hardware, Roadway Construction Service has developed a responsive water-filled traffic barricade rental program. Flexible in

  • Water Filled Barrier Rentals Clean Site Services –

    Rental Crowd Control Barricade. A water-fillable barrier provides a stable and durable traffic directing solution in work and construction site areas.

  • Water Filled Barrier & Barricade for Rent or Sale

    Water Filled Barrier. We are the only manufacturer and the #1 supplier of the Yodock ® brand water filled barrier and barricade.. The Yodock ® 2001 Barricade is a plastic, water filled Longitudinal Channelizing Device LCD used for traffic and pedestrian channelization, road and street closures, or perimeter fencing for vertical construction. When assembled as an LCD, the units are attached...

  • Water Barriers SONCO Event & Construction Rentals

    SONCO SafeGuard water barriers are lightweight plastic barricades that protect workers and channelize traffic effectively once filled and weighted with water. SafeGuard plastic barricades have a unique pin-and-lock system to connect and pivot them up to 90°, so you can create straight, arced or right-angle perimeters around job sites. They’re a manageable, affordable, portable,


    BARRIER WATER FILLED TRAFFIC RATED. Code: 110026. A traffic rated water filled plastic barrier used for roadworks and traffic management. These water filled barriers allow an impacting vehicle to be stopped, contained or re-directed in a safe

  • Water Filled Barriers Construction Barricades | Traffic

    The water filled barrier is lightweight when empty but provides excellent stability and energy absorption when filled with water. Since we know that your construction project demands the best equipment, we have designed our barriers to be highly durable and resistant to splitting, cracking, and deterioration even in inclement weather.

  • Portable Barricades | Local Traffic Control | Capitol

    The Water-Wall can quickly and easily connect directly to the SLED end treatment which negates the need to shield or flare the end of the barrier. The Water-Wall Barrier is an economical and easy to install crash barrier system. Weight Empty: 80 lbs. Filled: 1,110 lbs. Length: 6’ Width: 18” Height: 32” Material: Linear Low Density...

  • Traffic Control Home The Barricade Co. 2.0

    The Barricade Company has had extensive experience preforming a large verity of traffic control services. LEARN MORE.... We offer heavy-duty guards rail and water filled barriers to ensure pedestrian traffic is kept safe and controlled. LEARN MORE.... @2021 The Barricade Co.

  • Rentals – Southwest Traffic Control

    Rentals. Southwest Traffic Control rents a complete line of work zone products and equipment including barrels, barricades, arrow boards, lights, changeable message signs... * Water filled plastic barrier. * Id eal to blocking temporary, * Road work & parking lots.

  • Barriers & Channelizing – Site-Safe Kentucky

    Trinity Highway Rentals formerly YoDock® is a pioneer vendor of plastic water filled barrier, providing channelizing barricade and barrier wall systems for traffic safety, pedestrian safety, and perimeter security applications.YoDock longitudinal channelizing devices LCDs support ADA compliance and MUTCD regulations, and can pass NCHRP-350 crash tests.

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