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  • Water Filled Barriers & Barricades | Seattle-Tacoma

    Our water barricades are great for most construction sites. Water barricades provide energy absorption, leading to increased safety at your project or work zone in the Pacific Northwest. The application of water filled barricades is popular for work zones of all kinds in Seattle-Tacoma metro.

  • Water Filled Barriers Construction Barricades | Traffic

    The Basics of Water Filled Barriers Since our water filled barriers are constructed with high-quality Polyethylene plastic, the hollow construction is perfect for any construction site. The water filled barrier is lightweight when empty but provides excellent stability and energy absorption when filled with water.

  • Water Filled Barricades | Garden State Highway

    Yodock® water filled barricades can be used for mid-rise, high-rise, and mixed-use construction projects as an alternative to drums, cones and concrete barriers. Unlike concrete barriers, Yodock® barricades are stackable for efficient storage and transportation reducing storage concerns

  • Water Filled Barriers | Transpo Industries

    Water Filled Barriers. Our water filled barricades are safe alternatives for construction zone safety.Available to rent or buy, water filled barriers are lightweight, easy to transport, and can quickly be set up to prevent access to perimeter areas. Both versatile and durable, water filled barriers are ideal for both short and long term uses.Water...

  • Water Filled Barriers: Movable Construction Safety | 48

    Water filled barriers are being used more and more in traffic safety control and crowd management due to their movable nature and added conveniences. Water-filled barricades, also known as aqua barriers, are used in work zones because they

  • Construction Barriers & Barricades | Traffic Barriers

    Water-filled Plastic Barricades are Great for Job Sites. OTW construction barricades are lightweight and easy to position so depending on the application they can often be faster to deploy than concrete barricades.The more clearly perimeters are defined around

  • Trinity Highway Rentals | Water Filled Barriers

    Yodock ® water filled barricades are made in the USA and tested to NCHRP Report 350. The water-filled barricades can be assembled to meet a variety of construction site needs including traffic control, perimeter fencing, temporary sign support, work zone barricade, and pedestrian walkways. Yodock® 2001 Barricade

  • Water Filled Barricades • Rental & Management • RCS

    The superstar in this class of traffic barriers is the water filled k rail or Jersey barricade. Roadway Construction Service relies on their natural versatility – they can

  • Water-filled Barriers Make Crashes Less Severe | OTW

    Water-filled Barriers for Construction Construction sites require barricades to help direct vehicles and prevent pedestrians from wandering into potentially dangerous zones. Water-filled barricades are lightweight when empty and make maneuvering around an ever-changing construction

  • Water Filled Barriers: Movable Construction Safety | 48

    Water filled barriers are being used more and more in traffic safety control and crowd management due to their movable nature and added conveniences. Water-filled barricades, also known as aqua barriers, are used in work zones because they are an extremely durable yet versatile option in traffic safety. The portable nature, reduced weight...

  • Water Filled Barriers | Certified work zone crash barriers

    Water filled barrier with optional fence panels. Our smooth panel barriers come in two colors, measure 6 foot long, and weigh 80lbs each when empty. The have a 123 gallon capacity and weigh 1,110lbs when full of water. As plastic Jersey barriers, these systems disperse water upon impact to help prevent vehicle intrusion into construction sites.

  • Water Filled Barricades • Rental & Management • RCS

    Whatever the challenge, water filled barricades often prove an excellent solution. Because of their light, plastic construction, these barriers are conveniently portable. The material also minimizes damage to any vehicles that might make contact.

  • SafeGuard Water Barriers | Plastic Barricades | SONCO

    SONCO SafeGuard water barriers are lightweight plastic barricades that protect workers and channelize traffic effectively once filled and weighted with water. SafeGuard plastic barricades have a unique pin-and-lock system to connect and pivot them up to 90°, so you can create straight, arced or right-angle perimeters around job sites. They’re a manageable, affordable, portable,

  • 36" Interlocking Construction Barrier | Traffic Safety

    36 tall Construction barricades are 24" wide, 72" long and 36" tall. Weighing 70 lbs empty these barricades can be used filled with water or sand. Our 36" Construction Barricade comes with an interlocking swivel pin that allows users to connect and rotate barricades up to 90 degree angles.

  • Road Barriers Construction Barriers Water Filled

    These yellow construction barriers are often used for road construction, pedestrian safety, walkway protection, manhole protection, delineation of lanes, and cordon off roads. An effective barricade and highly visible, both day and night.An example of the yellow road barrier is the RoadQuip water filled barrier which is used all over South Africa.

  • The Complete Guide To Types Of Traffic Barricades

    Water Filled Jersey Barriers Jersey Water Barriers are a sturdy traffic blockade used to close off roadways and provide added protection between construction sites, pedestrians, and vehicular traffic. Water Jersey Barricades are made from lightweight and durable plastic materials, so deployment only requires one person to set up and dismantle...

  • Water Filled Plastic Barriers for Roads, Construction

    All of our barriers are unique to us, specifically designed for use in harsh climates. They'll stand up to all winters and summers. We provide plastic water filled barriers of all types, including: Traffic Barriers. Construction Barriers. Road Barriers. Parking Barriers. Airport Barriers. Construction Barriers.

  • Safety Barriers in Pennsylvania & Beyond | D.E. Gemmill

    Safety Barriers in Pennsylvania & Beyond. At D.E. Gemmill we supply traffic barricade and safety barriers for workers in construction sites, to redirect traffic and keep pedestrians safe. We provide the best pricing possible from everything from a-frame barricades, water filled barriers

  • Safety Systems Barricade Corp. | We are Your

    Safety System Barricades provides MOT Plans, Certified Flaggers, Temporary and Permanent Signing work zone signs, cones, drums, Arrow Boards, VMS’s, Plastic Water-Filled Barriers and Barricades Types I, II, III, etc.. Safety System Barricades

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