DS CERTIFIED ANTI-RAM VEHICLE BARRIERS THE FOLLOWING BARRIERS MEET THE CERTIFICATION CRITERIA OF SD-STD-02.01, REVISION A, DATED MARCH 2003 Rating determined from perpendicular barrier impact results of 15,000lb. 6810kg vehicle. Pass = Maximum penetration of the cargo bed is 1 meter or less. = Maximum barrier impact speed rating.


    penetration ratings, barriers with a penetration rating of P4 will not be included in the DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers list. The following list of barriers includes active barriers for use at entrances, and passive or fixed barriers for other perimeter applications. This list will be updated quarterly in January, April, July and October.


    to delay intruders. The Department employs an ASTM International performance standard and testing procedure for both active entrance barriers and passive perimeter barriers designated as...

  • DOD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers March 2020

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  • Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers | Homeland Security

    Anti-ram vehicle barriers provide a sufficient level of protection and mitigation from vehicle-borne threats to a secured area. Applications in which these barriers are normally used include airports, borders, U.S. government facilities, ports, public venues, and law enforcement facilities.

  • Anti-ram Against Vehicule Attack | Safety Barrier

    The anti-ram vehicle barrier is a certified system that withstands the impact of a vehicular attack, ideal for sensitive sites, borders and high-risk industries. Assets: Certified technology Stopping power Rapid replacement Solar LED. EN Flyer Crash Rated Fence

  • Vehicle Barriers & Anti Ram Security Barricade Systems

    Bollards Retractable Bollards Cable Barriers Crash Arms Fences Rising Plate Furniture Gates Net Barriers Planters Portable Rising Beams Tire Shred Wedge Barriers Manufacturer 1-800-Bollards Ameristar Perimeter Security AutoGate, Inc. Automatic Systems Barrier1 Systems, Inc. B&B Roadway Security Solutions Calpipe Security Gibraltar Global GRAB...

  • Anti Ram Barriers | Vehicle Barrier | Atlas Security

    Atlas has a full line of products including Bollards, Post & Cable Fences, Plate/Wedge Barriers and Portable Barriers to meet ASTM F2656, ASTM F3016, DOS and other crash testing requirements. Atlas will design new products and modify any existing products to meet customer specific needs. Atlas can provide surveys and design services including Risk...

  • Guide to Active Vehicle Barrier AVB Specification

    Crash-rated, active vehicle barriers come in a variety of: Styles: bollard, gate, post, beam, wedge, net, and cable Movements: raising, lowering, sliding, swinging, and folding Drives: hydraulic, pneumatic, electric including battery, friction / gravity-drive, manual Electric Cable Trap. Source: RSSI Portable Wedge. Source: B&B Mobile Net Barrier.

  • High Security Gates | Vehicle Barriers | Ross Technology

    The Department employs an ASTM International performance standard and testing procedure for both active entrance barriers and passive perimeter barriers designated as “vehicle-impact rated barriers,” or “anti-ram barriers.” The current standard is ASTM F2656-07, Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers.

  • DoD anti-ram vehicle barrier list CONTENTdm

    DoD anti-ram vehicle barrier list: Date published: 2020-03: File size: 9047118 Bytes: Document location: DOD_Anti-Ram_Vehicle Barriers_March_2020.pdf: Contributed by: Omaha District, Public Affairs Office: CONTENTdm number: 4503: CONTENTdm file name: 4510.pdf

  • Anti-Ram Wedge Barriers | G-2000 Series Wedge

    Industry Leading Anti-Ram Wedge Vehicle Barriers ASTM F2656-07 Tested and Certified. Gibraltar’s industry leading anti-vehicle barrier portfolio now includes the tested, certified G-2000 Wedge Barrier.

  • Perimeter Security Vehicle Barriers | Ross Technology

    We test our perimeter security crash barriers to high standards, and we have the key ASTM F2656 M50-P1 certification. Our anti-ram barriers provide defense against vehicle attacks, offering a high level of proven security used in embassies, stadiums, airports, refineries and much more.

  • ASTM F2656 Anti-Ram Calspan

    Certification Testing to ASTM F2656 ASTM F2656 CERTIFICATION. Manufacturers of innovative anti-ram / perimeter security barriers including bollards, gates, nets and wedges that desire to have their product listed on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Protective Design Center’s PDC’s website must have their barriers tested to ASTM F2656

  • In This Issue The Function of Passive Barrier

    the different ratings used in the DoD Anti -Ram Vehicle Barrier List is shown below. Note that the condition designations and penetration ratings from theDoS SD -STD-02.01 standards are still used in the DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List but are being phased-out since they have been superseded by ASTM F2656/F2656M -18a test standards. C730, C740

  • Perimeter Security Systems & Fencing Gibraltar

    Gibraltar’s line of passive vehicle barriers PVBs are designed to prevent access to critical facilities on a consistent, ongoing basis. The anti-ram bollards and perimeter fencing in our passive barrier line are crash tested to ASTM F-2656 and ASTM F-3016 specifications. These barriers are capable of absorbing shock and transmitting energy...

  • Natural Barrier an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    The U.S. Department of State DOS standard SD-STD-02.01, Revision A, from March 2003, provides physical testing criteria to certify anti-ram vehicle barriers. This is a performance standard and testing procedure for both active entrance barriers and passive perimeter barriers designated as vehicle impact–rated barriers or anti-ram barriers.


    Certified with ASTM F2656-07 M30 or M50 rating. M50 Rated stops 15,000 lb. vehicle at 50 MPH and M30 stops 15,000 lb. vehicle at 30 MPH. DoD approved and listed on Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List. Barrier arm clear span lengths up to 34’ are certified by ASTM and DoD. Bi-directional vehicle

  • Vehicle Barrier & Perimeter Security Products

    The cable beam barrier is a powerful force protection product integrating quality with strength. Cable beam barriers are tested and certified by the United States Navy for a crash rating, capable of stopping a 10,000lbs vehicle traveling at a speed of 18 mph.

  • Specification Data For Pipe Guards Bollards

    petroleum industry. These types of barriers may be U-shaped pipe guards or other types of bollards as well. At minimum, each manufacturer must have one vehicle barrier tested and certified by DOS prior to the award of contract. The standard given by the U.S. DOS SD-STD-02.01 specifies perpendicular barrier impact by a 15,000 lb. (6810 kg...

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