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  • Reflective Traffic Signs Yield Sign | Seton

    Highly visible 'Yield' sign helps maintain a safe and regulated flow of traffic near intersections, pedestrian crossings and school zones Available with 3D design to catch attention on busy streets 3D configuration is not advisable for use on highways Designed in a triangular shape with 30" on each side

  • Yield Traffic Signs | Seton

    These Standards require a 30"H x 30"W sign size as the minimum requirement and a 36"H x 36"W sign size minimum for conventional roads not 24" as some might recommend. To meet MUTCD reflectivity requirements, we recommend the use of Diamond Grade or High-Intensity reflective material. What material is best for you?

  • Reflective Traffic Signs Yield|Seton Canada

    Reflective Traffic Signs Yield Eye-catching yield sign with 3D effect option Highly visible 'Yield' sign helps maintain a safe and regulated flow of traffic near intersections, pedestrian crossings

  • Reflective Traffic Reminder Signs Yield To Peds | Seton

    Traffic reminder signs measure 12"W x 18"H Choose Engineer-Grade reflective for signs with 500 ft. visibility, and High-Intensity reflective for 1,000 ft. visibility Prolong the life of your reflective signs by upgrading to Seton UltraTuff™ Overlaminate Sign legend reads "Yield

  • Reflective Warning Signs 4-Way Traffic Symbol | Seton

    4-way traffic symbol is widely-recognized. Effectively communicates approaching 4-way intersection to drivers. Designed with yellow background to let the image stand out. Diamond shaped and available in 24"W x 24"H and 30"W x 30"H sizes. Seton

  • Reflective Warning Signs Traffic Circle Symbol | Seton

    Two reflectivity options: Engineer-Grade reflective for 500-ft. visibility range and High-Intensity reflective for 1,000-ft. visibility. Get stronger and reliable protection against harsh outdoor conditions by upgrading to Seton UltraTuff™ overlaminate. Road signs contain a 'Traffic

  • Warning Site Traffic Reflective Signs | Seton

    Reflective finish offers great visibility when a light source is shone on the sign at night or in poorly lit environments Anti-Vandal coating on 3mm aluminium sign enables graffiti

  • Custom High-Intensity Reflective Traffic Signs | Seton

    Custom signs feature High-Intensity Reflective surface that will allow your to be visible for up to 1000 ft. and during nighttime Made from high quality materials: Aluminum and Polyethylene Choose SetonUltraTuff™ overlaminate to protect your traffic signs from extreme weather conditions, chemicals, abrasions, oil and grease

  • Traffic Signs, Parking Signs & Road Signage | Seton

    Seton's diverse offering of traffic and parking signs includes regulatory road signs as well as custom signs, which give you the opportunity to display your personalized safety messages. Improve your approach to traffic control in your facility by shopping for traffic signage that's durable, long-lasting, and eye-catching to both drivers and pedestrians.

  • Yield Sign, Yield Road Signs | Seton

    Post yield signs at busy intersections or crosswalks around your facility to remind motorists to yield to other drivers and pedestrians. Seton offers yield traffic signs, four-sided pedestrian crosswalk centre yield signs, as well as private property yield signs. Did you know the original yield sign was yellow, but was changed to red and white in 1971 by the MUTCD?

  • Traffic Warning Signs | Seton

    Reflective Warning Signs Railtracks Crossing Road Symbol From $206.70 To $294.99. Supplied in: Each. 1. 2. 3. Communicate important roadway conditions and dangers with bold and bright traffic warning signs that meet MUTCD standards.

  • Traffic Signs Material Guide | | Seton

    Choosing the right traffic sign material. Whether encouraging safety or helping direct traffic, our manufactured traffic signs can make managing on-site traffic easier. As well as being available in many different legends, sizes and mounting options, our range also includes various reflective and non-reflective materials. Reflective Materials

  • Reflective Traffic Cones | Seton Australia

    Seton Australia Safety Signs, Bollard, Defibrillator, PPE.... Road & Traffic Signs. Bicycle Path Signs... Value Traffic Cone With Reflective 450mm, Yellow. Part No. A48179. $14.41. Value Traffic Cone Class 1 Reflective, 900mm, Orange...

  • Traffic Control Signs Parking Signs Road Signs

    Seton Australia Safety Signs, Bollard, Defibrillator, PPE... Traffic Control Sign One Way with Right Arrow 450x600mm MTL... Oversized Split-Hinged Horizontal Sign, Class 2 Reflective Metal. Part No. A16859. $234.48. Regulatory School Signs 40km Speed Limit...

  • Danger Symbol Class 1 Reflective Sign | Seton

    Signs are made from 22swg Zintec with Class 1 reflective faces. Use with frames sold separately for temporary use, or fix to walls for permanent use. Frames are made from robust iron, dipped in grey primer and are supplied with 4 fixing clips. View full product

  • Bollards & Street Furniture | Traffic & Parking | Seton

    Traffic & Car Park Signs 673 products. Road Traffic Signs... Reflective Traffic Bollard... Many are swing bollards that will yield if hit, reducing the damage done to both bollards and vehicles, while still serving as a clear warning not to proceed further.

  • Traffic Control Signs Road Signage | Seton Australia

    Traffic Control Sign. Use Seton's range of Traffic Control Signs to warn vehicles and pedestrians of traffic around school zones, parking areas, crossing areas and traffic of hazards, which are likely to be encountered. 8 Item s

  • Traffic Signs | Yield Sign R1-2 | Regulatory Signs

    A yield sign informs the driver to do the following: Slow down, defer to oncoming or intersecting traffic, stop when necessary, proceed when safe, and remain aware of oncoming vehicles. Yield traffic signs were added to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices in 1954 to assign right of way at intersections where a stop was not normally...

  • Yield Ahead Sign | Yield Ahead Symbol | Reflective

    This Item: W3-2 Yield Ahead Symbol. $29.50. Select Options. * Size: 18x18 24x24 30x30 36x36. * Grades of Reflective: Engineer Grade Prismatic High Intensity Prismatic Diamond Grade. 3M Protective Overlay Film: Yes, I would like to protect my sign from Vandalism and Graffiti. W3-2 Yield Ahead Symbol Sign. We manufacture traffic signs at our shop...

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