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  • FlexPost-SM™ Flexible Delineator Guide Post

    FlexPost-SM™ Flexible Delineator Guide Post Flexible guide posts ensure safety in your parking structures. Flexible delineator post provided with ribbed design. Manufactured from 1/8"-thick HDPE that resists UV and impact damage.

  • FlexPost-SM™ Flexible Delineator Guide Post, Safety

    FlexPost-SM™ Flexible Delineator Guide Post with 18lb Rubber Base 16398D. Delineator post with base ensures parking lot equipment and vehicle safety. Style No.

  • FlexPost Inc.| Flexible Channelizers & Delineators

    Guidepost/ Delineator post has a ribbed design and stands 40″ by 4″ and is made of 1/8″ thick impact and UV resistant HDPE that withstands repeated impacts Offers 360 degree flexibility.

  • FlexPost Inc. | FlexPost-SM Accessories Flexible

    FlexPost-SM™ – Delineator Paddle Decals. $ 34.99 Select options. FlexPost-SM™.

  • FlexPost-SM™ Delineator Paddle Home FlexPost

    Delineator paddle stands 41″ by 9″ and is made of 1/8″ thick impact and UV resistant HDPE that withstands repeated impacts. Offers 360° flexibility. Contains rugged internal steel zinc-coated spring. Portable Base sold separately.

  • FlexiGuide Delineator Post Delineators | TAPCO

    FlexiGuide Delineator Post. If any product fails to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty, TAPCO shall immediately be notified and the product shall be returned to TAPCO or to the manufacturer within 30 days. Transportation charges on returned product shall be prepaid by the buyer, and TAPCO will credit the buyer any transportation charge...

  • FlexPost-SM™ Archives FlexPost Inc.

    The FlexPost-SM™ product line is very versatile: perfect for wayfinding or protecting areas with high pedestrian walking traffic, as well as designating temporary parking areas for grocery, restaurant or other types of curbside or online pickup. Our Pyramid Sign Base System is

  • Safe-Hit Type 2 Guide Post Traffic Safety Products

    Safe-Hit Surface Mounted, Flexible Delineators Type 2 Guide Post are round posts with a flattened top, a black oval cap and one 3" 76.2 mm x 9" 228.6 mm reflective strip. They're used with the Surface Mount Pin Lock Base. Safe-Hit Delineators are rated to withstand 12

  • Highway Delineator Post Flexible Delineator Posts

    Flexible Delineator Posts. Highway delineator posts impact-resistant, flexible plastic posts provide drivers with a warning of a change in alignment and tracking of the roadway during traverse of a curve. The effectiveness of these traffic delineator posts

  • Delineators, Traffic Delineator & Delineator Post

    Highly visible traffic delineators that increase driver and pedestrian safety. Guide drivers and pedestrians away from traffic hazards with attention-grabbing delineators that meet NCHRP-350 and MUTCD requirements. By strategically placing colorful delineator cones in key positions along the way, you can keep traffic moving in the right direction.

  • Amazon.com: FlexPost Guidepost Delineator With

    Buy FlexPost Guidepost Delineator With Spring, Asphalt, 40"H x 4"W x 1-3/8" Dia, SM-A-GP SM-A-GP : Signs Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

  • FlexPost-SM™ Replacement Base Plate, Delineator

    FlexPost-SM™ Flexible Delineator Guide Post. From $119.99 To $167.99. From $76.42 To $167.99. FlexPost-SM™ Replacement Portable Rubber Base, 18lb. $219.99. $204.22. Each. FlexPost-SM™ Concrete Anchoring Kit. $23.99...

  • FlexPost-SM™ Replacement Base Plate, Delineator

    FlexPost-SM™ Flexible Delineator Guide Post with 18lb Rubber Base. $159.99. Each. FlexPost-SM™ Concrete Anchoring Kit. $24.99. Each. FlexPost-SM™ Asphalt Mounting Fastener Kit. $44.99. Each. 250lb. Concrete Sign Bases with 6ft U-Channel Sign Posts. $139.95. Each. FlexPost-SM

  • Flexstake TM750 Delineator Posts | Transline

    The TM is an impact-resistant surface mounted post that has all the advantages of the internationally acclaimed FlexStake SM, plus an enhanced 360° visibility. With a base height of only 1 9/16″, our surface-mount is the lowest and safest on the market. The

  • Buy Flexstake SM700 Delineator Posts Online

    Flexstake SM700 Delineator Posts. Mean time between failures mtbf : 340 hits at 35 mph or 75 hits at 55 mph. Choose from seven standard sizes: 19 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, or 72 inches. Complies with state and federal mandates regarding the use of post

  • Delineator Posts Enhance Motorist Safety

    Type 2 Guide Post: round post, flattened on top with black oval cap, and one 3" x 9" reflective strip. Type 3 Channelizer: round post with recessed cap, and one 6" reflective wrap. Type 5 Marker Post: round post with recessed cap, and two 3" reflective wraps. For more information on our selection of Flexible Delineator Posts, click the button...

  • flexible delineator Traffic Safety Products

    Tags: traffic safety products, traffic markers, safe-hit, flexible delineator, flex-post, felxible delineator posts, delineator posts, city post Author: Brandon Cammarano Continue Read

  • 2 1/4 " Diameter Re-bounder™ Flexible Traffic

    2 1/4 " Diameter Re-bounder™ Flexible Traffic Delineator Post. Polycarbonate base, polyethylene tube and unique elastic hinge design, offer extreme durability after being struck continuously. If needed, the tubing can be easily replaced on the job site, saving both time and money. Base may be affixed to surface with butyl pad or epoxy.

  • Flexible Delineator and Channelizer Products

    Removable Delineator Paddle. Standing at 41” x 9”, the Flexible Delineator Paddle is made of 1/8” thick, impact and UV resistant, HDPE that can withstand repeated 60 mph impacts. The base fits a variety of turn-and-lock options and features a rugged internal steel zinc-coated spring that gives it 360-degree flexibility. Standard color is...

  • Safe-Hit® Delineator Post Trinity Highway

    The Safe-Hit® Delineator Post is constructed of flexible and durable co-extruded polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors. It is self-certified as a NCHRP Report 350 and MASH Category 1 Device, and tested to NTPEP. It can be configured to MUTCD requirements for delineators or channelizing devices. The Safe-Hit® Delineator Post is ideal for roadside or lane line applications.

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