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  • Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence O-Post, MASH

    Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence O-Post, MASH. Report Number s : NA. Description: Four wire ropes interwoven between O-Shaped steel posts. Test Level: 3. Eligibility Letter: B245. Barrier Type: High Tension. MASH Test Number: 3-10, 3-11. Proprietary/Non-proprietary: Proprietary. Pass/Fail: Pass.

  • Brifen Road Wire-Rope Barrier Fences Verdict Traffic
    Wire-Rope Motorway and dual-carriageway Safety Fences
  • Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence Brifen WRSF Used in

    It is designed to absorb the energy of an impact, minimizing injury to passengers and damage to vehicles. Brifen WRSF is inexpensive to install, more forgiving to impacting vehicles and passengers than concrete barriers or guardrail, and more economical to repair.

  • Brifen Wire Rope Barriers HS Roads

    Brifen Wire Rope Barriers The Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence is a class leading solution in road safety barriers. Easily recognized by its unique weave pattern, the Brifen Wire Rope Safety System offers NCHRP 350 TL3 and TL4 protection. Due to the weaves interaction with the post

  • Btifen Wire Rope Safety Fence Vermont

    Construction oftheBrifen Wire Rope Safety Fence began the week ofMay 30,2006. In accordance with the associated Category 11 Work Plan, WP 2005-R-11, the experimental test section of safety fence was installed on the shoulder ofthe north bound passing lane

  • BRIFEN MASH Wire Rope Safety Barrier Product Manual

    Easily identified by its unique weave pattern, Brifen Wire Rope Safety Barrier comprises four 4 tensioned wire ropes supported by round steel posts. Each steel post is supported by a concrete footing, which contains a plastic void to facilitate ease of installation and repair. Brifen may be installed on the shoulder verge or in

  • An Evaluation of Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence

    Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence is a four strand woven wire rope intended to prevent vehicles from veering off a road. This experimental feature is manufactured by Brifen USA Inc. and adheres to National Cooperative Highway Research Program NCHRP 350 test level three.


    b Safety Check Ropes shall be furnished for each of the ¾” 19mm wire rope’s end anchor termination. Safety check ropes shall be 5/16” 8mm galvanized 6 X 19 construction with eye terminals on each end. Each main wire rope is fed through one end of their respective safety check rope prior to end anchorage termination with mechanical fitting. The other end of the safety check rope is attached

  • Evaluation of Brifen’s Wire Rope Safety Fence By Dave

    presents findings on the installation, performance, and costs associated with a safety barrier called Wire Rope Safety Fence WRSF manufactured by Brifen, USA Inc. based in Oklahoma City. The findings cover the time period from November 05 to October 06. Although WRSF was new to Indiana, it has been used extensively in other countries

  • Brifen – Hill and Smith

    Brifen VRS is a suitable alternative when wider working widths can be achieved due to its flexibility. It is tested and approved to EN1317, NCHRP 350 and MASH. Our portfolio consists of N2 TL3 and H1 TL4 systems. For seamless connection between the two barrier systems, Hill & Smith supply a tested and approved transition.

  • Evaluation of Brifen’s Wire Rope Safety Fence By Dave

    Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence Interim Report Experimental Feature Project # Prepared By David Ward P.E. Research Engineer INDOTs Division of Research and Development October 2006 The contents of this report reflect the views of the authors, who are responsible... Line post holes and end terminal foundations were 30 inches deep. Using the...

  • Technical Circular T-15/04

    Add to Safety Elements Chapter, Tab 600, at the back of Section 630. 1. Background: A Wire Rope Safety Fence WRSF system consists of tensioned galvanised steel wire ropes and support posts with anchors at both ends of the system. The wire rope is held in place by frangible support posts with a concrete foundation.

  • New York State Department of Transportation

    Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence. Brifen O-Post System. 11' 16' Do not place on slopes steeper than 1:10. In median applications,where reverse side impacts may be expected, do not use adjacent to slopes steeper than 1:10. Brifen USA 12501 N.

  • SPECIAL SPECIFICATION 3652 Wire Rope Safety Fence

    The Brifen wire rope safety fence is a patented product and may be obtained from Brifen USA, Inc., P.O. Box 9422, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73143 405/793-9500.

  • WRSB Wire Rope Safety Barriers | Ingal Civil Products

    FLEXFENCE WRSB Wire Rope Safety Barrier has gained popularity as an approved median crash barrier for the prevention of cross-median accidents. Cross-median accidents are typically violent collisions with a high probability of multiple serious injuries and death. Thus, the design trend for the approved crash barrier is towards providing...


    ITEM 606.0101 91 M WIRE ROPE SAFETY FENCE SOCKETED POST ITEM 606.0201 91 M – WIRE ROPE SAFETY FENCE END TERMINAL STANDARD ITEM 606.0301 91 M – WIRE ROPE SAFETY FENCE END TERMINAL WRGT Page 1 of 4 5/17/2004 DESCRIPTION This work shall consist of furnishing and installing an NCHRP 350 compliant Wire Rope Safety Fence WRSF.


    Brifen MASH O-Post and MASH MGT 20093 MASH TL-3. Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence, O-Post; Brifen End Terminal. For slopes 6:1 or flatter. * Material has been expired Page: 1. STATE OF TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Qualified Products List Report

  • Safety Barriers HBS | Road Safety Barrier Systems

    HBS have a wide variety of safety barrier products including beam, wire rope, and combined beam and wire rope systems together with an extensive range of end terminals. This allows us to provide a cost effective safety barrier solution to virtually any

  • Detail Sheet Flexfence TL4 Wire Rope Barrier System

    Consisting of 4 x 19mm, pre-stretched wire rope cables supported on a slotted post. Wire rope heights are 480, 560, 640 and 720mm. A wire rope hook is used with the top rope at each post. The 1,230mm long Sigma posts are set into sockets in a 600mm deep concrete footing, 300mm in diameter. A post stiffener is required for each socket.

  • Cable Median Barrier Maintenance Manual

    the experimental section, aided largely by the availability of safety bond money approved by voters in 2003 as part of Proposition 14. The safety bond money will allow TxDOT to install over 700 miles of cable median barriers throughout the state. Trinity Cable Safety System Gibraltar Cable System NUCOR Hi-Tension Cable Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence

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