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Construction & site supplies, personal protective equipment, road safety equipment.

We welcome our customers, both new and established, to this - our new, all inclusive ONE STOP comprehensive website, which we sincerely trust you will find useful and informative.

As an export-oriented factory, we have been operating for 10 years and never forget the original principle of providing Quality, Value and Service.

Now from our exhibition halls and warehouses in China and the United States, with our wealth of experience, we understand your needs, whether it is a small, local project or a national contract.


Our up-to-date top branded products are specially selected to be not only fit for purpose but also offer performance designed to exceed your expectations.


We are committed to provide all our customers with the best market value and now with a product list bigger than ever, the right choice can be made for each job.


Our reputation for excellence has been built on our wealth of experience gained through an understanding of our customers' needs. We are proud of our ONE STOP shop and our promise that you can purchase with confidence from our friendly and knowledgeable team, means that your customer experience with ourselves, is an enjoyable one.

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